Prairie Detour

  I get asked two questions a lot, one,  am i in fact a prairie girl and two, where abouts am I from.  Yes, I am a Prairie Girl and I am from Saskatchewan.  The last city I lived in before moving out to BC (and the one I lived in the longest) was Regina. [...]


  There is something about a new year that has us all re-evaluating our lives.  Where can we do better?  How can we do more?  How can we change everything that’s not working?  Rather than making myself a bunch a promises with no real plan on how to execute them, I’m trying something different this [...]


  {Details} Dress: Barefoot Contessa Boutique Denim Jacket: AG Jeans (The Urban Rack boutique) Boots: Plenty Clothing Bracelet: Alden Rae Bag: Erin Templeton Necklace: Karen Telio There is some huge #LocalLove happening here in this look.  Absolutely everything I am wearing is either from a local boutique or a local designer/brand.  It wasn’t intentional, but [...]

Just Between Friends Giveaway

  Consigning has become a popular trend out of necessity.  Buying new all the time is not only expensive but can be wasteful. In the day and age of over consumption, buying pre-used items is the ultimate way to recycle through reselling.  For all you Vancouver Mommies, there is now a one stop shop for [...]

Vancouver Home+ Design Show Ticket Giveaway

  Congratulations to…. Amber G. and Kait D. ( I will email you for your mailing addresses) I am giving away two pairs of tickets to the upcoming Vancouver Home + Design Show. The VH+DS is where it all comes together for any of your home improvement projects!  You can expect big names like Colin McAllister [...]

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