Comparing ourselves to others has become a way of life.  We all do it.  Her job is better…she’s skinnier than me…I wish I had her house…she has more money than I do…I would do anything to have her legs, I hate mine…why don’t I have the same kind of free time as she does…and so on and so on.  It’s a very dangerous and slippery slope.  As soon as we compare ourselves to others we are diminishing the wonderful things we have going for us.  Surely your life can’t be that bad.  

I myself have been guilty of this since having my baby.  I find myself happy, with a beautiful and healthy baby girl, a wonderful husband, a home and job I love, unyet I compare.  My biggest comparison would be body image related.  When you’re pregnant, you get told all the time how beautiful you are and how amazing you look.  After the baby, the compliments come to a screeching halt.  Now you’re just a fat mom trying to loose your baby weight.  You now get sympathy  looks and pep talks.  ”Hang in there.”  ”You’ll loose the weight.”   Although the good intentions are there it seems like every comment is a validation that I’m fat and currently look brutal, but cuteness is just around the corner “when I get more of a routine”.

So where does the comparison come in?  My world is very online.  I’m a blogger, I’m on social media all the time, and while I love it, there are many slaps in the face that hit me every time I log on.  I am in awe of the new moms who have been able to post cute outfit pics of themselves just weeks after having their baby.  Rewind to just weeks after having had my baby….I was an all day milking machine wearing some sort of muumuu type thing {No, not MiuMiu}.  A shower in a day was a major victory.  Leaving the house, dressed, was an award worthy moment.  So who are these girls?  Why do they look so good?  How are they so skinny already?  Why can’t I get my sh*t together to be a {perceived} Wonder Woman?  And here come the comparisons.

While I admire these women for putting themselves out there and rocking it, I’m here to acknowledge the mommies like me or any ladies who feel like they can’t “keep up”.  Keeping up with the Jones’ {or the Kardashians} is a counter productive use of your time.  You are who you are.  Look to other women who inspire you and help motivate you to make improvements to your life.  Ignore those who bring you down {even if it’s unintentional}.  Embrace your truth.

My truth:
* I gained more than 30 pounds during my pregnancy
* I am not fitting my pre-baby clothing
* I currently hate any shoe with a heel
* Taking off PJ’s and putting on sweat pants counts as getting dressed
* my house does not look perfect….ever!
* as much as I love when my baby sleeps, my favourite part of my day is when she wakes up
* I put on a bit of makeup everyday because it makes me feel pretty

I am working on eliminating dangerous comparing from my life.  I have so many wonderful people and things to be grateful for and should focus on that.  After all, if I just hang in there, the weight will come off when I get a bit more of a routine;)  How about you?  Do you compare?

Wardrobe Building

Buy pieces you can mix and match.  You don’t want pieces that can only be worn one way.

If you’ve ever been in the process of loosing weight, you will know how frustrating it can be to go to your well stocked closet to get dressed and nothing really fits.  If you’ve ever had a baby, you will understand how confusing it can be to try and dress a new body shape all together {even my shoe size is different}.

Since I am on the journey of loosing baby weight, I am not exactly wanting to spend a load of cash on a whole new wardrobe.  However, I am a firm believer in feeling good about yourself and let’s face it, ill fitting clothing isn’t making anyone feel cute.  With this in mind, I have slowly been piecing together a little in between wardrobe for Spring.  To give me lots of looks with only a few pieces, I’ve made sure to keep things basic.  My wardrobe breakdown:

- 2 pairs of printed pants {1 jersey, 1 tailored}
- 1 pair of dark wash jeans
- 1 pair of black pants
- 3 t-shirts {1 white, 1 grey, 1 black}
- 1 printed blouse {I went with a black & white leopard print}
- 1 sleeveless blouse in a solid colour {black was my pick}
- 2 blazers {1 black, 1 striped}
- 1 cardigan
- 2 pairs of flats {1 leopard print loafer & 1 nude ballet flat…ok + a pair of black Toms for the weekend}

This wardrobe, along with previously owned items like bags, jewelry, and scarves, allows me to mix and match many different looks.  I have not been buying any investment pieces either.  Cheap and cheerful is the way to go when you’re only going to be wearing the items for a short time.

Good luck to all my fellow new mommies out there.  Now I’m off to make a smoothie and get an at home workout in!

Navy and Grey

Neutrals have been a definite go to for me this year.  Black and white has served me well over the Winter but with warmer days upon us, I’m looking for a fresh batch of neutrals for the Spring season.  I’m quite loving navy right now.  I’ve been purchasing and wearing it quite a bit.  Grey is a must in my wardrobe year round, so pairing it with navy, is an easy update.  Items like a new striped blazer, aviators, and grey ball cap have been perfect Mommy pieces.   Still on my shopping list…a cute pair of ankle boots, new casual flats, and a cozy go-with-anything hoody.


Mommies (and amazing Aunties), I’m giving away a gift pack of beautiful accessories for you little one from The Prettiest Bow.  I’ve picked out my absolute favorite pieces that my daughter wears.  We are partial to the polka dots and stripes, but the whole collection is lovely.  Shop the store here.


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Fave 5 Chic Makers

Lately, I’ve been keeping my wardrobe pretty classic.  Lots of black and white, jeans and tees, and of course cozy lounge wear at home.  Even the most basic of wardrobes can easily be elevated with the right pieces stocked in your closet.   My fave five chic makers are…
1) Sequins.  Whether for day or night, sequins are the easiest way to kick an outfit up a notch.   My go-to’s are either a sequin top or clutch.  Even a pair of jeans look amazing when paired with some sparkle.
2) Statement Necklaces.  I keep a bunch of these on hand for a quick style fix.  They don’t need to be spendy.  Cheap and cheerful can do the trick too.
3) Leopard Print.  You can wear a little or a lot.  It’s always chic and can add some real personality to basic black.
4) A Hat.  A beautiful wide brimmed hat has an effortless cool girl vibe.  Choose a neutral colour so you can wear one hat with several looks.   This is currently on my own shopping list.
5) A Cape.  My plaid cape is one of my favorite things in my closet.  It layers beautifully over jeans and dresses plus it feels like you’re wrapping yourself in a warm blanket…a stylish blanket of course.
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