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I am so incredibly excited that this is the week of my popup to launch my online boutique West + Wind.  If you live in the Lower Mainland, swing by and say hello!  Along with our premiere line of tees we will also have goodies from some of our favourite local vendors….
Jackson Rowe
Mama Gems
Fable Naturals
Grizzly Knits
Happy Spritz
The Fox & Bourbon
Heart Wood Creations Co.
and more.

If you’re unable to come by, check out our website to see our current holiday collection.  We can’t wait for you to #LiveYourLife #InWestAndWind  And stay tuned….I have some amazing new style posts and giveaways coming up next week!


vest & hat: c/o Hunni’s , tee: Kersh (old),  jeans: Winners, boots: Plenty, necklace: Karen Telio, ring: Aldo

I often choose boho inspired pieces for the warmer months, but don’t really think of it for Winter.  If there was such a thing as a Winter music festival….Coa-chilla?….I would want to think I would wear something like this.  I’m pretty sure that hats, fringe, and messy hair are music festival staples now.  This look was a nice change up from my giant sweaters I’ve been wrapped up in my office in.  The boot, vest, and hair coordinating was kinda awesome too.  Clearly this outfit was meant to be.

I definitely gravitate to a lot of black these days.  It’s flattering and offers the perfect backdrop for layered pieces and accessories.  Hats have also been my saviour lately.  With loads of rainy days and each day being fuller than the next, a hat to cover my messy locks is a no brainer.  I’m still in the midst of one of the most hectic times of my life right now and admittedly have had few stylish moments as of late.  Thank you to Hunni’s for this fun collab.  You made this Momma feel pretty in something new.


November Vibes
 Wow! How is it November already?  Time flies when you’re launching a new business, dealing with the terrible twos, and working for your other two businesses.  My current style mood is…comfort with a bit of chic thrown in.  It’s so much chillier out {which I secretly love} and with life being hectic with some chaos thrown in, I will not sacrifice comfort at all.  My quick 2 minute make up routine is in full effect, and my black jeans and leather leggings have been on repeat.  I guess I would call my look “Busy Mom on the Go (hate that term, but I said it) meets Too Cool For School (or what is really, too tired to care. Haha!) Great basics like a fab tee and a classic parka can really make your everyday that much simpler.  To kick your everyday up a notch try adding in some faux fur, a pretty bobble or two, and a fab handbag!  This Mansur Gavriel bag my hubby got me last year adds a bit of love to any outfit and makes me so happy!
So bring it on November!  I got this.


shirt, pants, & bag: c/o The Gap
jean jacket: JBF Vancouver
scarf: H&M
boots: Carter’s

I thought I would kick off the weekend with a style post featuring my Little Miss, Madelyn.  Gap Kids has launched a limited edition collection with Peanuts™.  The line embodies the spirit of the Peanuts™ characters.  I immediately fell in love with these pieces.  They are offering up items for  newborn, toddler, boys and girls.  It is seriously adorable!

I have been having so much fun dressing Maddie lately.  Her fun little personality inspires the pieces I pick for her.  I firmly believe that kids clothes can be cute with some style, but should ultimately inspire play and be nothing but comfortable.  Kids want to  run, skip, jump, climb, crawl, and need clothes to move freely in. She is now taking more notice of things she wears and will even comment “ohh pretty”.  When she says this, it doesn’t seem to be about the way garment looks or how she looks in it (as she has no mirror in her room, obviously).  She comments after I put her in the clothes.  ”Pretty” for her seems to be more a feeling.  I could learn a thing or two from her!  Here’s hoping that feeling sticks around for a while.



blouse: Old Navy
cardi: c/o Plenty
pants: Banana Republic
shoes: Miz Mooz c/o Shoes on Fourth
necklace: Aldo Accessories
tote: c/o Chapters/Indigo
glasses: c/o Firmoo
photos by Alicia

 Some days a shower and real clothes are far beyond my reach.  Moms, you know what I’m talking about.  For me, yesterday was one of those days.  We’re back from an awesome family holiday {I’ll share more on our vacay in an upcoming post.} and all of a sudden I’m launched back into real life.  Loads of work, piles of laundry, and a toddler with a schedule all out of whack.  And by this, I of course mean we had a one hour melt down of screaming and crying while we tried to go down for a nap.  Eventually, I conceded, brought her down to the living room where she passed out on the floor 20 minutes into Ratatouille.  During her nap, I had a meeting with Alicia and managed to get a bunch of client work done.
*** Can we just pause and talk about how incredible sweet Alicia is. I was in full stressful mommy mode and she let herself in (naturally with the keys I accidentally left in our front door), put on a pot of coffee, did my dishes I had in the sink, and had a smile on her face when I came downstairs. This definitely prevented me from loosing it. It’s those little things that mean so much. ***

Some days, however, I manage to have a quick shower and put on some real grown up clothes.  Lately, I’ve been opting for comfort and function.  These Banana Republic pants have been on repeat.  They are ridiculously comfortable!  This easy, albeit wrinkly, blouse from Old Navy in this gorgeous maroon colour is an easy piece for me to feel a bit more dressed up in.  I tend to do the cardi thing more than blazers.  Again, more comfortable and usually easier to wash.  To complete my look?  A top knot of course!

So Mommas, hang in there and find yourself  a couple of easy to wear uniforms for days when we can do more than yoga pants.

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