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shoes: c/o Native Shoes, dress: Pink Martini, tank: Banana Republic

I have always been a Fall lover….BUT, we are not there yet.  As excited as I am for cool evenings wrapped in sweaters and blanket scarves, I am really embracing every moment of Summer.  We are all always in a rush to move onto the next rather just enjoying whatever is happening now.   I don’t want pumpkin spice lattes when I can still be sipping lemonade.  If the sun is shining {and it’s been shining A LOT} I say, get out there and play!   Fall will be here soon enough, so let’s embrace the now and relish in the moment.

Maddie and I have been loving playing in our new Native Shoes!  We can run in the dirt, splash in the puddles of the water park, and not worry about our shoes.  Weather your a Mini Lady or all the way grown, a girl wants cute shoes, even when they’re comfortable.  These will definitely be getting packed for our family trip to Palm Springs in October.  Thank you Native Shoes!!!



End of Summer Holiday packing

Items sourced from Polyvore

I am desperately hanging on to every last second of Summer.  It’s not over yet!  I haven’t even unpacked from being away last weekend, and I’m getting ready to pack up again for another weekend away.  This time Maddie will be joining us as we head over to Victoria to celebrate my Dad’s 60th Birthday.  This has been a very hectic week, so I’m looking forward to a bit of time away, where I can unplug a bit, or at the very least ignore my dirty house.

I’ve streamlined my weekender bag to have just a few faves I can live in for a few days.  Since I pack a lot usually for Maddie, I try to keep my bag compact.  A little grey dress is an awesome piece to wear for shopping, a dinner out, or even just kicking around the house.  Just pack a few different accessory stories to mix it up.  A pair of denim shorts and some breezy tops are another go to.  A hat is a must for days out exploring or cocktails on the patio. (These are usually backyard patio cocktails when we’re with Maddie.)  I was so completely satisfied last weekend when I realized I wore everything I brought except my bathing suit.  Not too bad!

So soak up the Summer and pack light.  Here’s to another fabulous weekend away!


top: Topshop

skirt: Sixth Street Pop Up
earrings: old
bracelet: Aldo Accessories
shoes: Army and Navy shoe sale
lips: colour Desirous c/o Estee Lauder

It’s hard to start thinking about Fall when it’s so incredibly hot outside still…and well, it’s still summer.  However, I have been to a few Fall previews lately, so it’s starting to creep in.  Slowly.  One of the Fall collections I previewed recently was  Estee Lauder.  Ladies, the bold lip is back and the hues are richer than ever.  There is something so sexy about a bold lip.  Speaking of bold…these earrings are anything but subtle.  I have been on such a no earring or stud kick lately, I forgot how fun an oversized earring can be.

Tomorrow my out of office reply is set to go.  My husband and I are heading up to Pemberton and Whistler until Sunday.  It is our first trip away with just the two of us since we had Maddie. I’m really looking forward to it and at the same time I’m missing Madelyn already.  Here’s to a long weekend and enjoying every minute of summer!  xo


skirt: Aritzia (old)
top: H&M
shoes: Miz Mooz from Shoes on Fourth
bag: c/o Old Navy
bracelets: tassel bracelet by Olive & Piper, cream one is an old fave
flowers: Flower Factory
photos by: Alicia


About every five years I do a major wardrobe overhaul.  I find that in that five year time frame, my body and lifestyle change enough that it warrants a closet refresh. {Not to mention that I’m also five years older.  What was cute at 25, not so much at 30.  And now that I’m 35, it’s a whole new thing again.}  This past few months I have been slowly purging unwanted items out of my closet, and carefully selecting items I will wear and wear and wear to replace the no longer appropriate pieces.  Sometimes this can be a bit of a back an fourth process.  This skirt was one I had listed to sell.  I had bought it pre-pregnancy, had worn it a few times, but post baby it’s just been sitting in my closet.  However, an occasion came up and this skirt was the perfect thing to wear so it moved back into my closet from my sell pile.  I scored this adorable little lace crop top for only $7 !  It gave this skirt a fresh new updated look.  I still have a ton of clothes to get rid of.  Having less in my closet has proven to be a real stress reliever.  Getting dressed in the morning is now a lot simpler.  I can’t wait to purge even more!


Shopping for “what you need” as a first time mom can be overwhelming.  What is the difference between diaper cream and diaper balm?  Do I need a chair for a newborn?  And what the hell is a Boppy???  This was exactly how I felt, so I thought I would share a few things I actually used and loved and will use again whenever we decide to have baby #2.

So, this u-shaped pillow is a Boppy.  It was a hand-me-down gift that had so many uses.  It can be used for breast and bottle feeding, as a lounge pillow for your little one when they lay on the floor, a support pillow for tummy time, and can cradle them when they start sitting up.

When I got pregnant I started searching out natural products for me to use.  (See my Green Product of the Week posts here and here.)  When I had Maddie, I wanted safe and natural products for us both to use.  Live Clean is a personal favourite in our home.  A friend gifted me a fabulous natural nipple cream by Substance.  Loved it!

My same friend also bought me this Stress Soother and a Headache Soother by Badger.  A perfect gift for a new Momma.  These products are organic and smell amazing!  Self care is so important.  Thank you Melissa!!!

We made warming bottles hard on ourselves for the longest time.  When we finally bought our bottle warmer, we couldn’t figure out why we didn’t have one from the start.  Weather you’re pumping or formula feeding, get one of these!

Receiving blankets!  Stock up.  Madelyn is now a year and a half and I still stash these everywhere.  They come in so handy.  I was fortunate to have been given all my receiving blankets as hand-me-downs.   If you are as lucky as me to have friends to share baby items with you, jump at the chance!  Weather they are gifted to you or on loan, it can be a huge money saver.  Trust me, they may be little, but man do they need a lot of stuff.

 My Baby Bjorn bouncy chair was one of those items I had leant to me.  We used it a ton.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I had to wait a couple months until she was big enough to use it.  Baby Bjorn has now come out with the Mini Bouncer.  It can be used from newborn and up to 6 months.  It safely holds your baby for you in those early days at home.  Perfect to bring in the bathroom so baby can safely bounce, and you can keep an eye on her while you’re in the shower.  This is the new bouncer (I returned the one I used for Maddie as it was a loaner).  The Bouncer Mini comes in this great unisex grey and also in a soft pale pink.  {Tip: When shopping for things like strollers, car seats, bouncers, etc. select unisex colours when you can.  If you plan on having more than one child, it allows for use from child to child.}  I’ll be keeping this one tucked away for now but happy to have it for when the Pistor Clan decides to grow.

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