Jennifer Pistor


skirt: Aritzia (old)
top: H&M
shoes: Miz Mooz from Shoes on Fourth
bag: c/o Old Navy
bracelets: tassel bracelet by Olive & Piper, cream one is an old fave
flowers: Flower Factory
photos by: Alicia


About every five years I do a major wardrobe overhaul.  I find that in that five year time frame, my body and lifestyle change enough that it warrants a closet refresh. {Not to mention that I’m also five years older.  What was cute at 25, not so much at 30.  And now that I’m 35, it’s a whole new thing again.}  This past few months I have been slowly purging unwanted items out of my closet, and carefully selecting items I will wear and wear and wear to replace the no longer appropriate pieces.  Sometimes this can be a bit of a back an fourth process.  This skirt was one I had listed to sell.  I had bought it pre-pregnancy, had worn it a few times, but post baby it’s just been sitting in my closet.  However, an occasion came up and this skirt was the perfect thing to wear so it moved back into my closet from my sell pile.  I scored this adorable little lace crop top for only $7 !  It gave this skirt a fresh new updated look.  I still have a ton of clothes to get rid of.  Having less in my closet has proven to be a real stress reliever.  Getting dressed in the morning is now a lot simpler.  I can’t wait to purge even more!


Shopping for “what you need” as a first time mom can be overwhelming.  What is the difference between diaper cream and diaper balm?  Do I need a chair for a newborn?  And what the hell is a Boppy???  This was exactly how I felt, so I thought I would share a few things I actually used and loved and will use again whenever we decide to have baby #2.

So, this u-shaped pillow is a Boppy.  It was a hand-me-down gift that had so many uses.  It can be used for breast and bottle feeding, as a lounge pillow for your little one when they lay on the floor, a support pillow for tummy time, and can cradle them when they start sitting up.

When I got pregnant I started searching out natural products for me to use.  (See my Green Product of the Week posts here and here.)  When I had Maddie, I wanted safe and natural products for us both to use.  Live Clean is a personal favourite in our home.  A friend gifted me a fabulous natural nipple cream by Substance.  Loved it!

My same friend also bought me this Stress Soother and a Headache Soother by Badger.  A perfect gift for a new Momma.  These products are organic and smell amazing!  Self care is so important.  Thank you Melissa!!!

We made warming bottles hard on ourselves for the longest time.  When we finally bought our bottle warmer, we couldn’t figure out why we didn’t have one from the start.  Weather you’re pumping or formula feeding, get one of these!

Receiving blankets!  Stock up.  Madelyn is now a year and a half and I still stash these everywhere.  They come in so handy.  I was fortunate to have been given all my receiving blankets as hand-me-downs.   If you are as lucky as me to have friends to share baby items with you, jump at the chance!  Weather they are gifted to you or on loan, it can be a huge money saver.  Trust me, they may be little, but man do they need a lot of stuff.

 My Baby Bjorn bouncy chair was one of those items I had leant to me.  We used it a ton.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I had to wait a couple months until she was big enough to use it.  Baby Bjorn has now come out with the Mini Bouncer.  It can be used from newborn and up to 6 months.  It safely holds your baby for you in those early days at home.  Perfect to bring in the bathroom so baby can safely bounce, and you can keep an eye on her while you’re in the shower.  This is the new bouncer (I returned the one I used for Maddie as it was a loaner).  The Bouncer Mini comes in this great unisex grey and also in a soft pale pink.  {Tip: When shopping for things like strollers, car seats, bouncers, etc. select unisex colours when you can.  If you plan on having more than one child, it allows for use from child to child.}  I’ll be keeping this one tucked away for now but happy to have it for when the Pistor Clan decides to grow.


Not a fan of gift registries?  Me either.  After getting married myself and having to go through the painful process of trying to find and scan items to go into our own registry, I find it all too difficult.  {I had totally fantasized that it would be some kind of music montage scene from the movies where we danced around the store with a scan gun, racking up our fabulous want list with cool and quirky finds to fill our home.  Ya, not even kind of like that.  In fact I’m pretty sure we attempted it a couple of times, got into a fight, and a totally ended up with a  lame one page list.}  Soooo, I’ve become a fan of cash or gift cards.  I mean who doesn’t need some extra cash after a wedding and who wouldn’t want the gift of shopping??  If, however, you still want to give the happy couple something to unwrap, I say break tradition and find a gift a bit uncommon that really suits the newlyweds.  {WARNING: Make sure you know the couple well so you can ensure your gift will be well received.  However, I also like these picks for Anniversary and house warming gifts.}

Gift website, Uncommon Goods, offers up fun, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible items.  You will find items made right here in Canada and from around the world.  Many items are handmade and several things can be ordered with custom details.  I spent a lot of time scouring the pages, to narrow it down to five unique wedding gift ideas.  There were so many fun things to choose from.  Each item has a story to go with it, so I had to share.

1) The Heart Marks the Spot Pillow $76.76 CAD

The Story: “From the spot you met your sweetie to the place you said “I do,” this worldly pillow commemorates the locales you love. Heather Shaw created this plush, interactive canvas for her map-loving son so he could pinpoint where he was and where he’d been. A threaded needle and two hand-printed buttons allow you to sew a heart and star over your favorite or most meaningful corners of the world. Handmade in Canada.”  Find it here.

2) The Anniversary Journal $106.91 CAD

The Story: “Whether your wedding was a black tie affair or a barefoot beach celebration, it was one of the most memorable days of your life that will stay with you for decades to come. So commemorate the date in timeless style with our gorgeously designed and crafted anniversary journal. Custom pages record memories of your 1st to 60th anniversaries through prompts to guide romantic reflection and mutual aspirations (how you celebrated, favorite things, memorable moments), while a photo page illustrates each section and elegant envelopes interspersed every decade provide a place for additional mementos of your time together. Each section also includes the traditional and modern symbols for that year–from paper to diamond.” Find it here.


3) Personalized Maple Wall Clock $98.69

The story: “Nothing quite stands the test of time like family. Celebrate yours or your favorite newlyweds while making a classic statement with this personalized maple wood clock, featuring your family’s surname and an important year you share. Highlighted by natural wood grain and a clear semi-gloss finish, this handsome timepiece offers reversible hands for black or white, so you can match to your interior or just switch it up a bit.” Find it here.

4) Personalized House Sign $138-254

The Story: “Bring the signature style of the New York City subway to your home with these personalized house signs. Printed directly on one continuous tile, they faithfully reproduce the color and authentic, photographic detail of the classic station mosaics that inspired them. Add your family name, house number, or any combination of characters (character limits vary with size) to create a custom “station” that you call home.”  Find it here.

5) Sock Monkey Blanket  $60.31 CAD

The story: “Quit monkeying around and come cuddle! Done in the same iconic colors of the sock monkey, this super-cozy blanket is made from leftover material collected from apparel and upholstery factories that would otherwise be discarded. 75% recycled cotton, 25% acrylic. Each is slightly different in color and pattern in order to get the most out of the fabric scraps and minimize waste. Made in the USA.” Find it here.

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods, however all opinions are completely my own.  I only share products I love, wear, or  use.


glasses: Tom Ford c/o Smart Buy Glasses
dress: Mystree from The Urban Rack
bag: Erin Templeton
sandals: Target (old)

The ease of getting dressed this time of year is just one of the things I love about Summer.  Throw on a dress and some sandals and head on out the door.  One other obvious must have is a fabulous pair of sunnies.  These new Tom Ford stunners are from Smart Buy Sunglasses.  It took me a while to pick a pair out as they had so many cute ones to choose from.  Life is tough when you have to choose between Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana.  This fab little dress is so easy and breezy.  Picnics, dinners out, or even dressed up with some sexy heels, I sure do love me this dress.

Last night we headed to the Farmer’s Market to get some farm fresh eggs and ended up also bringing home a blueberry pie…as one does.  We love to take advantage of the food trucks and take a night off from cooking and cleaning.  All hail Summer.  Happy Friday All!!!



pants: c/o Svelte
top: Anthropologie
mug: Blushface from Brick & Mortar
pictures by: Alicia

It is so easy to get in a style rut when you work from home or are a stay at home mom, or both, in my case.   Comfort rules over all for me.  When my days are full, like yesterday, I want to be comfortable but still look kinda cute.  These uber comfy pants by Svelte are perfect for my day to day life at home.  They come with a built in shaper that helps give my tummy a smoother look.  This little top I found at Anthropologie (on sale!) and has become a fast favourite.  A pretty piece like this can instantly perk up any simple look.

Another part of making yourself feel good is stealing a bit of time away for yourself.  My happy place is the swing in our backyard.  I’m working on taking a little time out here and there to unplug, sit, enjoy sipping a coffee, and even reading a bit.   There will always be a list of things to do, but taking a little time for self care is so essential.   And Ladies, unplug.  I swear it is good for the soul.  Switching off allows us time to breath, reflect, and to not be concerned with what everyone else is doing.

This post was sponsored by Svelte, however all opinions are completely my own.  I only share products I love, wear, and use.


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