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Summer Shorts Inspiration

I have never really liked my legs so Summer after Summer they have stayed hidden away from the world.  This year, it’s been way too hot to concern myself with the condition of my legs, so I went on a mission to buy shorts.  I didn’t own any!  I know, what a weirdo.  I’ve always done dresses as they are so comfy and usually quite cool on a hot day.  Enter the curvy girl chubby thigh rubbing issue.  So in order to prevent the very uncomfortable thigh chafe I tend to get this time of year, I wear bike shorts under my skirts and dresses.  Works great, but some days are just far too hot to bother with an extra layer.  Here is where shorts come into play.

I started with a denim pair and have grown my collection from there.  I have a couple pairs of sweat pant cut offs for around the house and playing at the park with Madelyn.  I have my denim ones, a pair of loose khaki green ones (only $16 at Old Navy), a palm print pair, and I even bought a romper ( A cute denim one also from Old Navy.  In love with this adorable palm print one above.)  .  With months of warm weather still to come, I am well stocked for the remainder of the season.  I’m still not loving my legs, or myself in shorts, but I always like a style challenge and I’m pretty happy with the new additions to my closet.
What is your Summer style formula?  Do you have a go to look?
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  • Jessi

    This is a great summer look girl! Love that H&M romper!

    XO, Jessi

    • prairiegirlitc

      I know! I’m obsessed ;)

  • Andrea Spanik

    I am having a huge issue with finding a good pair of shorts this summer (I’m usually a dress girl too), so I’m defs gonna have to take a look at some of your suggestions. Thanks so much for sharing! :)
    Willow & Park

    • prairiegirlitc

      My pleasure! Shorts are super tricky! Old Navy has been an awesome Summer go-to for me:)

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