They say home is where the heart is.   I guess, for me anyway, this is so true as my husband and I have put so much heart into making our house a home.  Being surrounded by things that I love like beautiful books, family heirlooms, wedding photos, and my husbands favorite recipe books warms my heart.

Tray: West Elm, Teapot: vintage from my Grandmother, Teacups: vintage from my Great-Grandmother

Books: gifts, Piggy Bank: Home Outfitters, Wedding pics, Candle Holder: DIY

I like to fill my home with  a mix of new and old treasures.  There’s a little bit of his and some of mine combined with things we have got together.  Sure, we have a coffee table from Ikea….and a bunch of other stuff too.  Who doesn’t?  Decorating your home should be  just like getting dressed.  I might wear my fave skinny designer jeans with an inexpensive t-shirt and vintage leather jacket.   In my house I combine my Ikea coffee table with a chic tray and vintage family pieces.   It’s in how each of us choose our personal mixes that gives us our unique style.

Candle holder: The Cross Design

Owl (aka Louis): Home Sense, Vase: Chintz & Co.

Book: vintage family book from 1865, Crystal Candle Holders: Birks (wedding gift), Binoculars: vintage from my grandfather

What’s your at home style?  Are you all about sleek modern lines or classic and cozy?

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