Today I stopped to pick up a little carton of milk for my coffee while on my way to work.  I just stopped at a little convenience store at a gas station.  While I was paying for the milk, the most unexpected conversation happened.  It went like this:

Gas Station Guy 1: ” There aren’t enough girls with hair like yours. Your hair is great.”

Me:  ”Thank you so much.”

Gas Station Guy 2: “Ya!  That’s a great cut.”

GS Guy 1: “I think it was a more popular cut last year, but its still hot.”

GS Guy 2: “It’s so stylish.”

Me: “Thanks very much!”

GS Guy 2: “Ooooooh, you know who your hair is like?”

Me: “Who?”

GS Guy 2: “Anna Wintour.”

GS Guy 1: “Who’s Anna Wintour?”

GS Guy 2: “She’s like the Queen of Vogue.  She decides everything!”

Me: “I guess if I have the hair cut of the Queen of Vogue, I’m doing something right?”

GS Guy 1 &2: “hahaha….”

GS Guy 2: “Totally!  You look great!”

GS Guy 1: ” Yes, I totally love it!”

Me: “Thanks again! Bye.”

Top: Topshop; Vest: Dex; Jeans: AG Jeans; Shoes: Nine West

Sunnies: Aldo; Bracelets: CPak; Ring: Low Luv


Necklaces: Karen Telio and Maison Scotch

Gotta love how a random fashion conversation can find me even while buying milk at the gas station with the two dudes working there. So awesome!

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  • Cara

    Love this story-love that they knew who Anna Wintour was!
    You do look beautiful though Jen, love the bf jeans
    xo Cara

  • Leonie

    Haha that’s awesome! Your hair does look really pretty though, so the guys had a good taste ;-)

    Beautiful look – I am very into bf jeans lately… and floral prints!

    xo Leonie

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  • http://FashionFridays Liane Cunningham

    Too funny Jen, always an adventure with you!!!!!!

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