Every once in a while you find a product you get really excited about!  Right now I’m excited about Flatter Me belts.  I had the pleasure of meeting with the founder and designer, Claire, last week and instantly fell in love with her product. 

Here is Claire’s story…

“The idea for Flatter:Me came when I hunted from Canada’s east to west coasts to find a quality belt that wouldn’t show under my thin tee shirts and extra-long tank tops. I didn’t find a single product that did the job, but along the way, friends of all shapes and sizes said that they wanted what I was looking for, too.

It was their encouragement, along with my dream of exploring the potential of human-scale manufacturing in China, that drove me to just make my own flat belt. The tailor around the corner from my Shanghai apartment cranked out the first ten prototypes with his hand-operated sewing machine. From there, it was months of testing about a million combinations of materials and styles before arriving at the Flatter:Me I’m wearing today.  I found a team of four terrific tailors to sew them all together, and here we are!

It has been extremely gratifying to receive feedback from women of all different body types and personal styles, and it is because of them that I can confidently say that Flatter:Me is for everyone. It’s a product you can feel good about wearing, knowing it was made to last by people respected for what they do. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to life.” 

Claire Theaker-Brown

For many of us gals, we find the perfect pair of jeans, but they just aren’t quite perfect in the waist.  I’m talking about that frustrating gap we get.  So to keep the jeans in place we must either get the jeans taken in at the waist by a tailor, or wear a belt.  Now a tailor can be expensive and a belt is usually too bulky, right?  Wrong.  At least not with my new favorite Flatter Me Belt!  I can wear one of these super comfy, adjustable belts with any jeans or pants and it instantly keeps my pants where they should be, but with no bulk when I want to layer on a fitted top

What I love is that Claire has made them so adorable that you don’t have to hide them.  In fact, I love to wear mine cinched up at my waist over a blouse or dress. 

The stretchy soft comfort of these belts allows for women of all shapes and sizes to wear them.  Clarie told me that expecting mom’s-to-be can even wear them all through their pregnancy!  How perfect is that??

They are a wonderful price of only $28 CAD.  That way you don’t have to pick a colour…you can buy them all:-)

Belts will be available at The Urban Rack at then end of July.

Images from the Flatter Me Belts website.

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  • http://miss-melissa.com Melissa

    Ooooh, love this belt. I will have to pick one up!


    • http://www.prairiegirlinthecity.com PrairieGirl

      I recommend the polka dot one:-)

  • http://www.thecathag.blogspot.com Addie

    Those belts look so awesome! :)

    The Cat Hag

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