My world revolves around stretch and comfort, even when I get dressed up.  Style and comfort can definitely go hand in hand and these fabulous little belts have been a wardrobe staple for me for the past six years.  Formerly known as Flatter Me Belts, Unbelts are a pant keeper upper like no other.  I usually wear mine with my jeans as they close up that waistband gap without showing through my top.  They are stylish and versatile enough you can also wear them over dresses.  Reasons why I love Unbelts:
1) Invisible under my tops.
2) Adjusts from size 0-24 (I even wore them through my pregnancies)
3) They are machine washable. (You don’t have to take them out of your belt loops, just wash it all together)
4) They are super cute and comfy.
5) It’s a female run business run by one kick ass chick who practices ethical manufacturing. (Read more about it here.)

If you would like to scoop up one of these beauties for yourself, use code PRAIRIEGIRL to receive $5 off your first order.  (valid thru Aug. 31, 2017 on or

Belt c/o Unbelts
Dress from Addition Elle
Sandals oldies from Target
Bracelet from Foxy Originals
Bag another oldie from Coach


Dinner time in our house can go one of two ways.  The first way is lovely.  I put on some music, the kids are happy and having fun, Maddie helps me in the kitchen, I can clean as I cook and we enjoy dinner together as a family.  We have been enjoying most of our dinners outside on our new back deck.   When Fresh Prep asked if I wanted to give them a whirl, I was excited to have the prep work done for me so I could focus on the fun part, putting a lovely meal together.  All the ingredients come pre-measured, pre-sliced, pre-diced….prepped and ready to go and all delivered right to your door.   They include a recipe card for you to follow to transform the ingredients into something delicious.  And they were indeed delicious!

Then there is the other way dinner time can go.  A total shit show that requires all hands on deck.  We had one of those nights last week.  (pictured below)  The babies were miserable and screaming off and on, Maddie was in a mood, I had to clean up a pee accident in her room right in the middle of trying to make dinner, our kitchen was a disaster, and my husband and I were in a full sweat.  We still managed to get dinner on the table despite the chaos.  If I hadn’t had the Fresh Prep meal on hand, I swear I would have made toast for dinner.   Since life is freakin hard some days, give yourself a break when it comes to dinners.  A bit of “cheating” from a company like Fresh Prep to get a healthy meal on the table….not a bad thing.  Take your ease to another level and use paper plates when things are really not going your way.  Limit that clean up mommas!


I am waaayyyy overdue for getting my hair cut and coloured.  The plight of the mom with no time.  What gets me through in-between appointments is topknots galore and great products like the ones photographed below from Keratase.  I received a gorgeous parcel just after Mother’s Day with these products and two silky scarves for myself and Maddie.  Madelyn, of course, loved that she got a prezzie that matched with Momma.  I was happy that the scarf  covered up my grey roots that are shining in the sun.  I have actually made a hair appointment for Tuesday to finally tackle my mane.  I have made one for Madelyn too.  Believe it or not, this will be her very first hair cut!  The time has come, but we will be leaving her locks long.

Summer is in full swing at our house.  I’m finding Summertime with three littles is fun, active, and exhausting.  I’ve been planning my weeks out to include some activities, outings, play time with friends, and play time at home.  Some days it’s as easy as a trip to Starbucks and Winners and other days it’s Day Camps, a Library trip, or fun the backyard with a big bucket of water.  We don’t really have plans to go anywhere, but we do have lots of visitors, which we love to have.   It’s all about keeping things light and fun this Summer.  Speaking of fun, Madelyn said we were pirates when we put our scarves on.  Haha!  I loved that so naturally we had to take a pirate pic.



Ikigai: (n.)  Your reason for waking up the morning; the passion that drives your life.

What a beautiful word for for where my life is at right now.  Motherhood is a crazy ride.  Most days I experience exhaustion, being overwhelmed, frustration, fear of failure, and second guessing a lot of what I do.  But, every morning I wake up knowing I will also get hugs, smiles, cuddles, to experience firsts, play, giggles, kisses, teach my kids new things, sing, have spontaneous dance parties, and get so much love my heart could explode.

Sabrina is helping me show off this gorgeous necklace from Speechlust.  This piece is from their Mother’s Day Collection, but they offer a whole dictionary of yummy words to suit your life.  I also have my girl’s initials engraved on the back.  Such a special piece that I absolutely cherish.  You can view their entire collection here.


Happy Canada Day!!!!  To celebrate my Canadian Summer Style, I am sharing 15 of of my favourite Summer looks I’ve posted on my blog over the years.  You’ll see different hair lengths and colours, different sizes, and some looks with a baby bump or Madelyn in tow.  I’ve got the kids Canadiana looks together for tomorrow, now to get myself organized.  I’m looking forward to celebrating our great country with the family  tomorrow.  Be sure to follow us along on Instagram.  There will be some fun in the sun for sure!  What are all of you getting up to this weekend?  Whatever it is, enjoy!

Happy 150th Canada!




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