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Even as a teenager, I liked to wear things that were not what everyone else was wearing.  I liked to wear unexpected items and style myself up to stand out from the crowd.  To me, I felt more like myself if I didn’t just blend in.  Other kids would sometimes like to tell me they didn’t like something I wore, or thought it was kinda weird/ugly.  This item would usually get worn even more  often to prove a point.  The point was, I didn’t really care what they thought.    I LOVED fashion.  I was fortunate that I had the opportunity to model when I was younger, and this led to some travel opportunities.  This fuelled my love of fashion and allowed me to buy some different items then what I couldn’t find at the local malls in Regina.

Fast forward 20 years.  Now a mom of three with more curves then I’ve ever had, yes, my style has changed a bit.  Well, a lot.   As confident as I have been in my fashion choices over the years, I have also noticed that when I am feeling less confident, I often start dressing how I think I “should” dress to impress others.  Take these pics for example.  I wanted to shoot some photos for a new style post featuring these ridiculously comfortable new kicks from Skye Footwear.  I started rummaging through my closet to style a unique “cool mom” look.  I was trying on dresses, skirts, and accessories galore.  None of it felt right.  I realized I was trying way too hard to impress you.  How is showing you something I don’t really wear helpful?  So instead, I paused, and thought, how do I actually style these shoes?  This is it folks!  Casual with some of my favourite basics I’ve been wearing for a few years now.  I may no longer be the twenty two year old fashion risk taker of yesteryear, but I am still saying ” this is me”.   When I wear what I love, my whole day is just better.  Your style shouldn’t be for anyone but you.

These incredible shoes I am wearing are from Vancouver company,  Skye Footwear.   These shoes are about comfort and do not dissappoint.  This style, The Rbutus comes in either black or white + they have two other styles available.  If you want to try out a pair for yourself, use promo code prairiegirlitcSKYE to receive 15% off your order on their website.  (code valid until July 31, 2017)


When planning for baby (or babies) to arrive, we all know the typical gear to buy.  The checklist is always the same….stroller, crib, clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes, bibs…and so on.  But what about those extra items you might not know about that can make your life so much simpler?  And what items actually work?  Here are 5 items I swear by and have used for my littles.

                                                  1) Blooming Baby Bath

I found this sink insert made bathing my wee babes so much easier.  I used my Blooming Bath from when they were about 2 months old until 5 months old.  It really depends on the size of your sink.  I felt so much more secure bathing them and I could stand comfortably.  There were even times where I would wear one in my baby wrap while bathing the other.  Add it to your baby registry!

                                                  2) Beluga Baby Wraps

I didn’t think I liked baby wearing until I wore this uber comfortable wrap byBeluga Baby.  My twins love being worn (one at a time).  It gives them so much comfort when they need it and gives me an extra set of arms when both babies are wanting Mom at the same time.

                                                  3) Fuelbaby Bottle

These awesome bottles by Fuelbaby, allow you to pre-fill your formula and release the powdered formula with a push of a button for an easy mix on the go.  This way you don’t have to worry about measuring when you’re out and no stress about keeping the formula refrigerated as it’s not mixed yet.  Formula Momma’s you’re going to want this one for sure!

                                                 4) Pip and Leo Mulit Use Baby Covers

With my first, I was forever rigging something up to cover Madelyn while she was in her carseat.  Weather she had fallen asleep, it was cold and windy, or the sun was beating down on her, I wanted those cubby little rolls covered.  Lucky for my twins, I discovered these gorgeous multi use baby covers by Pip and Leo.  These covers are made in Vancouver from organic and sustainable cotton.  You can also use them as a breast feeding cover, which means one less thing to pack in the diaper bag.

                                                 5) Playmat

We bought our activity mat when we had Madelyn.  We found it a bit spendy at $100 but that’s what they cost and we just hoped she would use it.  Yup!  She used it alright. She loved it.  Even when she could sit up she would sit and play with all the different toys.  Now the twins are using it and probably play on there 4-6 times per day everyday.  Money well spent.  (TIP: trying buying one second hand or borrow from a friend who isn’t using theirs.)




Everyday I do some form of cleaning.  Wiping, scrubbing, picking up, putting away, folding, and disinfecting.  I have used Lysol forever as a go to disinfecting product, so when they asked me to test out one of their newest products, I was in!  Your soft surfaces can now get the Lysol treatment with this new Lysol Disinfecting Spray Max Cover.  It smells divine, and I’ve added it into my regular cleaning regime.  Check out my video for my Spring Cleaning tips + my full review.

As always, all opinions are my own.  I will only share products I have tried, love, and use myself.


Summer Uniforms for Mom

inspo board for my Summer 2017 wardrobe

With a small taste of Summer last week, it launched me into a panic over my Summer attire.  What do stay at home mommas (with some chubby bits) wear when the weather gets warm? I immediately took to social media to ask you all for your tips on being casual, comfortable, and still a bit pulled together.  You Ladies who responded helped out a lot.  So far, I have place a little order online with Old Navy to get me through the next bought of sunshine + I’m reworking some things already in my closet.  When the weather warms up again and my new pieces arrive, I will share what I’ve come up with.
My number one rule when it comes to wardrobe building is be realistic.  I know what my day to day life looks like.  I’m at home a lot.  I spend time at the park, on play dates, running errands, and the odd trip to the coffee shop with the hubs, with kids in tow, of course.  This means I need clothes I can bend, play, sit on the ground, throw in the washing machine, all while being comfortable.  I’m a visual person, so creating an inspiration board with looks dedicated to the four main areas of my mom life, is really helpful.
I tend to wear a LOT of black and grey.  My go-to’s for sure.  For Summer, I’m trying to infuse just a bit of colour into my looks with pops of red and yellow.  Kind of a primary colour thing I’ve got going on with my denim pieces in the mix too.  I’m not completely getting rid of black though.  Black just always works + I feel good in it.
So Ladies, what are your go-to Summer pieces?

dress: vintage (was mine when I was her age), coat: The GAP, Shoes: Old Navy, hairband: H&M, bags: Herschel Supply

I love to dress my daughters in adorable outfits…like most moms of girls do. It’s funny how in this world of blogging and social media, I notice the pressure to dress your kids in the best of the best. When I had my first, I would see other moms only buying local, organic, premium brands for their littles. Their kids always looked so stylish and cool and perfectly put together. I love to buy both local and organic whenever I possibly can. Supporting local, ethical businesses is important to me.  Having said that, I also have a budget.

When I was pregnant with the twins, and I would have moms say to me…”I guess you’re starting fresh with all new clothes for your twins. The styles change so much in three years.” The age gap between my kids is three years, but WTF?  The styles change so much??? I have lovely, barely worn, baby clothes from my first daughter. Why on earth would I get rid of all those clothes and start over to keep up appearances?  Since money is an object when raising 3 kids in one of the most expensive cities in the world, moms don’t need the added pressure of keeping up with the latest and greatest.  Not to mention I also hate waste and try to reduce my footprint whenever I can.  So how have I navigated putting my kids in clothes I love while not breaking the bank? It’s all about the mix.

I do tend to buy more neutral items that I can mix and match.   I do find some kids stuff to be a bit obnoxious with a million colours, frills, bows, and anything else they can throw on there.  I really try not to over buy as well.  I am trying to keep my own closet more minimal, so why not take this approach with my kids too?

tee: West + Wind (my old shop), jeans: second hand from JBF Vancouver, belt: local label Monkey & Peanut, shoes: Michael Kors (gifted), backpack: Skip Hop

dress: Redrabbit Boutique  , vest: Birthday gift, shoes: Old Navy, head wrap: borrowed from Mom’s closet

On Lily (left): top: H&M, ruffle skirt leggings + headband: hand me downs from her sister;  On Sabrina (right): tunic: gift, leggings + headband: hand me downs from sister

I will be the first to admit, my kids wear hand me downs.  My twins are obviously wearing their big sister’s clothes, but we’ve also been lucky to have some friends share their previously loved items with us too.  Not everything is my taste, so those pieces get donated to local charities.  I also have a few cherished items from when I was a kid.  Madelyn has worn some of my vintage pieces, including the homemade yellow knit dress in the first picture above.  I buy a mixture of local made items, national brands, and second hand pieces.  Not all the second hand pieces are from friends.  I  like to shop the local JBF Vancouver kids consignment sale.  They have two sales per year and it’s an awesome way to stock your kids up for the next season with some adorable gear at a fraction of the price.  They also sell books, toys, maternity clothing, bedding, breast pumps, cribs, play mats, strollers, and anything else you will possibly need to raise a child. Definitely worth checking out!

Madelyn loves clothes!   She loves to play dress up and wears a dress almost every day.  Some days she picks out her own outfits and I love to see how she puts things together and what her eye is drawn to.  She does a pretty good job.  It isn’t always the combo I would first choose, but who’s it hurting if she rocks her rainbow leggings with her purple dress, and running shoes?  It’s funny because the day we were snapping these pics (below) I had thought, “Oh, I should change Maddie.  Her outfit isn’t really right for this pic.”  Then I stopped and thought about it.  Why would I tell her that the outfit she picked out wasn’t “good enough”.  Who cares?!?  She’s 3 and was so happy in this outfit.

dress: Old Navy (she has been wearing it for almost a year.  fits more like a tunic now), pants: gift, runners: Sketchers , hairband: H&M, stickers on dress: her own added flare: Babies are both wearing head to toe hand me downs, I’m wearing a locally made baby wrap: Beluga Baby

snowsuit + boots: JBF Vancouver, hat+gloves+scarf: H&M

pants + headband: VonBon Apparel, tee: West + Wind, shoes: Old Navy

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